• $9.95

    A6 Crispy Wonton (8 Pieces)

    Crispy Wonton stuffed with seasoning minced Chicken.

  • $10.95

    A4 Chicken Satay (4 Pieces)

    Grilled marinated chicken with Thai herb and spice on skewers served with peanut sauce.

  • $10.95

    A3 Prawns Wrap (6 Pieces)

    Deep-fried prawns wrapped with rice paper

  • $10.95

    A2 Chicken Wings (8 Pieces)

    Deep fried chicken wings, Thai style

  • $9.45

    A1 Spring Roll (4 Pieces)

    9.45Deep fried Spring Roll, stuffed with dry mushroom, cabbage, carrot, bean thread noodle and served with sweet sauce.

  • $10.95

    A5 Fish Cake (5 Pieces)

    Deep Fried Snapper with green bean, lime leave and chili paste with peanut, cucumber in sweet and sour sauce.

Prices May Differ if Updated